Just a woman looking for JOY, a zero-waste snack and to heal myself!  My own self-healing journey began almost a decade ago (and is still underway), starting with an undiagnosable illness (Crones?, Colitis?, IBS?).  My body underwent an extreme transformation and I decided it was best to quit my corporate hotel job. I sought out a Functional Holistic Nutritionist in Boulder (where I lived at the time) to assist with my healing. It was there I discovered what an important role food plays in our overall system, that we are regenerative beings and what we put into our bodies makes up who we are on a cellular (emotional and mental too!) level.

I choose to move back east to NY to focus on becoming a certified holistic nutritionist, and while I was working at a cupcake shop, I decided to go back to school for Pastry and Culinary Arts to better serve the community and make healthy vegan cupcakes of course!  I had “healed” with food but the move back east to NY brought back old eating habits and undeniable stress (NY stressful, no way!).  Four years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus, and at the age of 29 I was told I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life. I was in chronic pain for 3.5 + years, that means I experienced physical pain everyday for what seemed like a lifetime, but coming off of my recent certification in Holistic Nutrition, I decided to heal myself naturally first. 

I began studying herbs two years ago to help my system heal, and absolutely fell in love with our plant allies.  With these many modalities of healing, mainly food, herbs and self love, my symptoms are now at an all time low, a huge success!  It has been a journey of trial and error, deep self-exploration and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I opened Nettle & Rose as a space that encompasses numerous options for one’s own self-healing, self-care and self-study.  The doors are always open.