Nettle & Rose is honored to share this space to facilitate you in your own self-healing, and that of Mother Earth. Our shop includes;


herbal remedies: tinctures, salves, bulk herbs, all natural beauty and skin care products plus our own line of powders and teas


sustainable wares: reusables and refillables! 


package free provisions: bulk nuts, flours, dried fruits, and spices 


plant based sweet & savories: daily specials that are organic, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free, natural flavor free, gum free, and non-organic citric acid free … did I miss anything?! 


We wanted to create a space where you don't have to read every ingredient or worry about the ethics or the impact of the products you are purchasing. I’ve spent years researching and vetting these products, all of which I or my team personally use. Nettle & Rose is an educational space that warmly invites you to explore alternative options that impact our bodies and the environment in a more gentle and sustainable manner.